We believe the highest calling for a human life is the call to be a worshipper - to devote oneself to God and minister directly to him.

Creating a Safe Space to Glorify God and Experience His Presence

At Vineyard Church of Burke County, worship is our highest priority. It is essential to our relationship with God. This is why we make intentional space for worship through music at a majority of our events and services including Sunday Celebrations, VYouth, VKids Sunday mornings, extended worship nights, and small groups.

When we come together as a church and sing to God, we encounter His presence, we are transformed, we are refreshed, and we are empowered to do the ministry of Jesus. Because we believe that everything we do flows out of our relationship with Jesus, we create space in our worship settings for people to move beyond the words and music to actually sing to God and experience His manifest presence.
Drawing from Romans 12, we believe the worship God seeks involves our entire lives offered in response to His great love. And that’s why we seek to take our worship beyond the church setting and into our daily lives.

If you’d like to get involved in the Vineyard Church of Burke County Worship Arts Ministry as a musician, vocalist, or A/V technician, please contact Jennifer Knox at burkecounty@vineyardaugusta.org.